June, 2012: dpa published an article about M-Eco
The German Press Agency published an article about the project. Several newspaper or online news platforms took the message up, e.g.
Die Welt:

May, 2012: Interview at Deutschlandfunk!
A radio feature on social media processing has been transmitted at Deutschlandfunk. The M-Eco project is introduced together with experiences mentioned. It is available here and the transcript.

May 10, 2012: The third M-Eco User Workshop was held at Robert Koch-Institut on May 10, 2012.
The M-Eco consortium presented its latest achievements to the advisory board members and interested participants from the Robert Koch-Institut, the World Health Organization, the ECDC and the INVS.

13. April, 2012: Article at Deutsches Ärzteblatt
The M-Eco project was introduced in an article published by the magazine "Deutsches Ärzteblatt" "Deutsches Ärzteblatt".

December, 2011: The second M-Eco newsletter has been released!
The second newsletter provides information on the current state in the project. It can be downloaded here

November, 2011: Special Topic Issue on Webscience in Medicine
A special topic issue of "Methods of Information in Medicine" will be edited by the consortium. The topic will be highly related to M-Eco: "Webscience in Medicine". Call for papers is released Call for papers is released already!!

July, 2011: M-Eco consortium organizes two workshops.
In September and October, the consortium organizes two workshops. One is devoted rather to the users, i.e. epidemiologists. The other one is more research-oriented and targets at exchanging research ideas with people working in that area.

April 12, 2011: The second M-Eco User Workshop will be held at Joint Research Centre in Ispra on May 26, 2011.
The M-Eco consortium will present the first prototype to the advisory board members and interested participants. Representatives from the European Center of Disease Prevention and Control, Institut de Veille Sanitaire and Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance are expected.

March 5: Learning more about M-Eco: Five days at CeBIT

Dr. J. Wanka

Dr. J. Lange

From March 1-5, L3S presented the M-Eco project at CeBIT in Hannover. The M-Eco movie introduced the project idea (see M-Eco Movie (30MB), 30MB). The M-Eco demonstrator provided insights into the intended functionalities of the system. During these five days, the booth has attracted the attention from several politicians of Lower Saxony and beyond. They were interested in the idea itself, re-use of the methods in other scenarios and domains such as politics and economics and they also asked critical questions regarding trustworthiness of the analyzed information. Among others, Prof. Dr. J. Wanka and Dr. J. Lange from the ministry of research and culture visited the booth and the minister of justice of Lower Saxony Mr. Busemann as well as several delegations from political parties and countries.

Media was also interested in the project: NDR recorded a radio interview for their research broadcasting Logo, SAT.1 made an TV interview and news papers such as the “Ärzte-Zeitung” reported about M-Eco at CeBIT.

January 18, 2011: Danish press reports on M-Eco

AAU has published a press release on our MEco project about help of social media in detecting spread of infectious diseases. Other information and media portals reported on the MEco project. You can fined more information bellow at the linked web sites (in danish).

Press news: Version2 (a media portal dealing with news about use of it in professional sphere), UgensErhverv (news portal dealing with news from business), ComOn (media portal which brings news from IT and new IT development), Nordjyske (a general newspaper and portal mostly for Nord Jylland region in denmark), DR P4 nordjylland (an FM state radio mostly for the region of Nord Jylland), Dagens Medicin (a newspaper and portal with news from daily medicine).

Radio Interview: DR P1 radioindslag (a state FM radio for general public - relation devoted to science).
Press review

December 13, 2010: NLGA informs about M-Eco
The project partner "Niedersächsisches Landesgesundheitsamt" published an article about the M-Eco project in their Newsletter NLGA aktuell.

December 09, 2010: M-Eco will be presented at Cebit 2011
The M-Eco consortium will present the first prototype from March 1-5. 2011 at Cebit in Hannover / Germany.

October 22, 2010: An article about M-Eco appears in uni intern
The Leibniz University of Hannover selected the M-Eco project to be presented in the institution's news paper. Frühwarnsystem für Pandemien - Europäische Union fördert Vorhaben mit zwei Millionen Euro

September 24, 2010: M-Eco discussed in local and national news
Leibniz University Hannover sent out a press release on the project, which was taken over by local and national press agencies, for example:

Deutsches Ärzteblatt Hannover: Neues Frühwarnsystem für Pandemien
Hannoversche Allgemeine, 24.09.2010, p. 22: Warnungen aus dem Netz
STERN.DE: Forscher entwickeln Frühwarnsystem für Pandemien
N24: Forscher entwickeln Frühwarnsystem für Pandemien
Innovations-Report: Forschergruppe an der Leibniz Universität will Frühwarnsystem für Pandemien entwickeln

A complete press review can be downloaded here.

July 3, 2010: M-Eco discussed in the radio

In a recent interview at Deutschlandradio, Dr. Tim Eckmanns, the director of the department of surveillance at the Robert-Koch Institute, and a M-Eco consortium partner, discussed the significance of the consortium’s work in Epidemic Intelligence